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Back to Basics – Part 2

What is rhodium? Why does yellow gold need rhodium plating but platinum does not?


Rhodium is a member of the platinum family. There are 6 siblings in this family that are chemically, physically and anatomically similar. They include rhodium, platinum, iridium, osmium, palladium and ruthenium. The most common trait they all share; they are all pure white metals in nature. Gold on the other hand, is naturally yellow. In order to attain the white gold color, the metal must be mixed with an alloy and ultimately plated with rhodium. So essentially, white gold is really genetically modified yellow gold.


So why doesn’t platinum need to be rhodiumed? Simply put, it’s already white and it’ll stay that way no matter what you or time does to it. Nothing is going to be accomplished by marrying these two platinum siblings together, so don’t waste your time or money doing it. What platinum does need every once in a while is to be polished. It’s always such a great feeling to take your jewelry in to be cleaned and polished. When you walk out of the store it feels like you just spent thousands of dollars on new shiny jewelry when in reality yours just received an overhaul.


We offer all of the services that were mentioned above. Here is a quick rundown of the prices:

Rhodium plating: $35 per piece of jewelry

Polishing: $10 per piece of jewelry

Check and clean: Always free no matter where the jewelry came from!