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Buying an Engagement Ring

I would like to buy a diamond engagement ring and propose this fall. What is most important to consider when buying a diamond? Clarity, color, carat or cut?

For years diamonds have been priced and sold based on clarity and color but CUT is what makes a diamond sparkle!

Almost a decade ago, we made a commitment to carry a brand of diamonds that is like no other, Hearts on Fire diamonds. Hearts on Fire are uniquely brilliant because of several factors. The 58 facets of each diamond are perfectly cut and polished at a much greater magnification than the industry standard. This allows each diamond to display all 7 colors of the spectrum. While price, clarity & color are typical deciding factors…brilliance, sparkle and shine are the real reasons people buy diamonds. When you put any diamond next to a Hearts on Fire diamond, there is simply no comparison.

Hearts on Fire has been around for only 17 years and is already sold in over 34 countries. It is the most recognized diamond brand in the world.

The true success that we have found with offering such a superior stone is how our customers feel once they own one. The thrill and passion they use when they talk about their Hearts on Fire diamond says it all!

Visit our Hearts on Fire showcase and see the difference for yourself.