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Dan and Becky’s story of love.

Dan and Becky met on the water as teammates on the Plum Ski-ters Waterski Show team. Dan was still in high school and Becky was in college, so needless to say they were just teammates back then. Dan was just a friend of Becky’s brother.

~~~~~~~~~~~Fast forward a few years~~~~~~~~~~

In the summer of 2010, Becky was now in graduate school, the Plum Ski-ters had a 50-year team reunion planned. Becky and her brother, after a fun day out playing on Plum Lake, decided to go cdan_and_becky_4heck out what the reunion was all about. Becky recognized Dan right away, but Dan did not recognize her. After a while, Becky and some of her friends had decided they wanted to go hang out downtown and she had invited Dan to join them…he accepted and little did they both know that this was going to be the last first date night of the rest of their lives.

To finish off the summer, Becky had to go to LaCrosse WI. for an internship. Upon her arrival, she found a vase of flowers from Dan wishing her luck. A few weeks later, Dan injured himself waterskiing, but that didn’t stop him from visiting Becky, a week after he had been hurt he was in the car driving 8 hours just so he could be with her. Even though she loved spending time with him, Becky was still unsure if they were meant to be together, she knew how hard long distance relationships could be.

dan_and_becky_3Even after Becky moved back to Cincinnati where she was going to grad school, Dan didn’t give up. He traveled to visit Becky every other weekend. She eventually fell for his charm and humor. As graduation for Becky approached, both of them were nervous about what would happen next.

Becky had applied for various jobs in Grand Rapids but it wasn’t until 5 days before graduation that she received the job offer that she had been waiting for.

It was finally time for thdan_and_becky_6em to enjoy uninterrupted time together, no more homework or long and boring car rides. That summer they spent their time on the river and Lake Michigan enjoying the outdoors and fabulous waterskiing. But soon enough, the weather turned cold and the snow started to fall.

On a shivery cold Saturday in early December they decided to go check out a puppy at the humane society. It was that day that they added one to their home, naming her Little Miss Mali Bu. But it wasn’t until that next Saturday that they would make their family official.

Unbeknownst to Becky, Dan had contacted his family jeweler, yep that would be us, to pick out an engagement ring. Through multiple e-mails and various phone conversations Dan designed a beautiful ring especially for his one true love. On December 17th, after an amazing dinner and ice skating, Dan got down on one knee and asked Becky to marry him in front of their first Christmas tree with their new puppy at their feet. Becky had been waiting such a long time for this moment. After she asked “really?” a few times, she finally said “YES!!”


The joyous coupdan_and_becky_1le are planning their wedding for this September where they will be surrounded by their family and closest friends as they commit their lives to each other.















Everyone at Steffan’s would like to wish Dan and Becky well and congratulate them on their recent engagement.

Here’s to many fun and happy filled years of marriage.