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Danny and Cecily: Meant For Each Other.

Cecily and Danny went to high school together. You could say that they knew each other but that was about as far as their relationship went…at least back then. Cecily was good friends with Danny’s brothers girlfriend so when she came home for a summer visit one year she immediately called Cecily to hang out. By this time, everyone was out of high school and doing their own thing. Cecily had two daughters that she loved more than anything in the world. When Cecily got the call to hang out with her friend, she found a sitter and went out for a much needed night of catching up. Little did she know that she would be meeting her future husband that night.

Danny and Cecily hit it off right away. They had fun with each other, got along great and he accepted her two girls like they were his own. After about a year of dating, Cecily knew he was the perfect one for her. She was ready for a ring!cecily

It was Christmas morning, Cecily, Danny and the two girls, Kylee and Audrey were sitting by the Christmas tree opening gifts. Danny and Cecily had agreed that for this Christmas they were not going to exchange gifts. After all of the gifts had been opened, Danny asked Kylee (Cecily’s oldest daughter) to check under the tree for mommy’s gift. Now this upset Cecily, she knew that there wasn’t going to be anything under there for her. She was right. Kylee came out from under the tree with a sad look on her face and said that there was nothing under the tree for mommy. Cecily was getting even more angry because now her daughter is upset that Santa forgot about mommy. Danny said, “Oh, I forgot that I told Santa that I would get your mom a really special gift this year so he didn’t have to.” He took Kylee and quickly ran upstairs. All the while, Cecily is thinking about why he would do that when they had agreed no gifts. A few minutes later, Danny and Kylee came back down stairs and Kylee asked Cecily if Danny could be her stepdad. Cecily didn’t register what was just said to her so she didn’t answer. Kylee, again and a lot louder this time, asked, “CAN DANNY BE MY STEPDAD?” Cecily kind of just mumbled a “sure, yeah whatever” response and didn’t really think much of it… that is until she looked up. There’s Danny down on one knee with a Hearts on Fire ring box from Steffan’s in his hand. Cecily leapt up and jumped into his arms and quickly answered, “YES!!!”cecily_and_danny1

They do not have a date picked out as of yet because they are expecting their first child together this April!! They are thinking about the Spring of 2013, but there is no rush. Cecily is just happy that she gets to spend the rest of her life with the most amazing guy she could ask for a great father for her kids!





Everyone at Steffan’s is so excited for Danny and Cecily! Congratulations on your engagement and your new baby!! (We can’t wait to see some pictures of him 🙂