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Gold versus Gold filled

What is the difference of gold and gold filled?

Karat gold is used to make fine jewelry. The amount of gold will vary.
24 karat (1000 parts fine) is pure gold and is typically too soft to be durable for daily wear. It’s color reminds me of a deep
rich honey. 22 karat is 917 parts gold • 18 karat is 750 parts gold • 14 karat is 585 parts gold • 10 karat is 416 parts gold.
Yellow, green, red and white gold are created by mixing alloys such as silver, zinc, copper & nickel with the fine gold.
Gold filled is made from bonding a thin layer of gold alloy to a base metal. The thin layer of gold is usually 12 karat or 14 karat. The gold content
is less than 5%. If you see a stamp on the jewelry 1/20th 12kt G.F. it means that 1/20th of the item (5%) is only 12kt gold. If worn daily, the thin
layer will eventually wear off and the base metal will be exposed.
Rolled gold plate is the same as gold filled but just a lower karat quality. Gold Electroplate is made by electrically depositing fine gold on a base metal such as brass. Electroplating is typically used on costume jewelry and will wear off faster than the other methods.