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The August Birthstone-PERIDOT

Peridot’s (pear a dough) color is usually a lively lime green but can have a brownish or olive cast. Iron causes the attractive
yellowish green hues. Peridot is a silicate of Iron & Magnesium. It has been found in limited quantities in volcanic regions
all over the world including parts of Italy & Hawaii. Some of the finest are mined in Myanmar. The world’s largest source is
the San Carlos Native American Reservation in Arizona. China, Brazil & Pakistan also produce a fair market share.
Peridot is a 6.5 to 7 on the hardness scale (of 1 to 10). It requires care when worn because it scratches easily. Peridot is one
of the few stones that is not treated in any way to enhance it’s natural beauty. It is also very sensitive to rapid temperature change and should be
treated with extra care if it’s setting requires any repairs. The best method of cleaning in water with mild soap.
Legend has it that peridot was favored by pirates, considered powerful amulets against evil. When set in gold, it would protect the wearer from night
terrors. If the stone were fashioned into a chalice, from which medicines were drunk, it was believed to intensify the effects of the drug.