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ROL Diamonds

I keep seeing ads about the diamonds that move when they are worn? Can you tell me about them?

Diamonds that are powered by movement are all the hype lately. Love Beats, Beat of Your Heart, Dancing Diamonds, Rhythm of Love, the list of catchy names keeps going but essentially no matter what name the jewelry is given they all have one thing in common, the diamonds are mounted in a way that they continually move. Now why would you want a diamond pendant or a pair of diamond earrings that move? Simple… the more motion a diamond encounters, the more light it is going to pick up and the more it is going to sparkle and give notice to its brilliance. That is, after all, why we buy diamonds in the first place, not because they are rocks from millions of years ago that develop deep down in the earth’s surface (although that’s kind of cool too.) The idea is pretty ingenious actually, yet so simple…I wish I had thought of it and I bet there are a lot of other jewelers out there saying the same thing.
In our store, we have the “Rhythm of Love” diamond jewelry. What makes this line different than all of the other “moving diamonds” out there you ask? These diamonds are powered by your heartbeat. You could be sitting completely motionless and your diamond will still be moving and sparkling as if you were doing a beautiful rhythmic dance or something a little bit simpler like moving around if you suffer from having two left feet This collection of diamonds will amaze you, from every angle light is reflected creating an amazing sparkle and scintillation. When a woman wears one of these Rhythm of Love pieces, all eyes will be on her! Stop in the store anytime to see this beautiful collection for yourself. Karly Bulinski Graduate Gemologist Steffan’s Jewelers: Where Community Commitment Makes All the Difference.Your Trusted Jeweler Since 1946. We have quality gifts in all price ranges.