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This is the true love story of Tom and Abbey

It was a crisp October day, as it usually is in East Lansing, Michigan at that time of year, when Tom and Abbey first met. They had both decided that that weekend would be a great time to visit their alma mater, Michigan State, to catch up with friends and cheer on their favorite football team. Little did they know that because of those choices, their lives would never be the same.

Tom and Abbey met that weekend through a mutual friend. They both really liked each other, but ran into one fairly large problem…they lived across the country from each other. Instead of giving up on getting to know each other, Tom and Abbey kept in touch by phone every few months. During this time Tom was living in South Carolina, but would soon be surprised with a life changing move, and Abbey lived in Detroit, Ecuador and Denver. After two years of building a relationship over the phone, Tom was shocked to find out that his career was taking him out to the far reaches of Australia. Instead of parting ways, they decided to continue talking and seeing each other. Before Tom left for the “land down under”, he and Abbey managed to see each other and even meet each others families. The result…their bond was strengthened even further and they decided to make it official and start dating even though they were going to be on different sides of the planet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fast forward five months~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tom decided it was time to finally take the next step and ask Abbey to be his wife. The first thing he needed to do was find a ring. Living in a foreign country made finding a trusted jewelry store no walk on the beach. Confident, Tom decided to contact the jewelry store that his grandparents, parents and family have been patrons of since 1946 His family told him great things about Steffan’s Jewelers and he knew he would be taken good care of, even from the other side of the world.

Steffans-Jew---New-Logo-11Suzanne and Tom quickly started planning and designing the ring all through e-mails and phone calls. They only had a few weeks and needed the plan to be executed perfectly. The plan was for Abbey to visit Tom in Australia over the Christmas holiday. The easiest way for the ring to get to Tom was to send it from the states with Abbey! The staff at Steffan’s made sure that it was packaged with great care and secrecy so that no one could break in, especially not Abbey.
airplaneHer soon to be token of Tom’s love traveled with her on the plane all the way from Denver, CO. to Perth, Australia where she handed it over to Tom.

Upon arrival, they immediately took off on a weeklong Australian adventure.


They went camping, scuba diving and sightseeing.

Along the way they encountered amazing sights,


crazy animals


and even some car troubles.

On Christmas Eve, they reached a beautiful beach resort and decided to go for a walk along the beach. This was the first year that both Tom and Abbey would be celebrating Christmas away from their families. As this realization sunk in, Tom decided now would be the perfect time to ask his love for her hand in marriage.



With his heart pumping 100 miles a minute, he reached into his pocket, held the ring tight and proceeded to tell Abbey how it was time for them to start family Christmas traditions of their own. Before he could even get out the actual words “Will you marry me Abbey” she shouted “YES!!” After a bunch of hugs, kisses and some hyperventilating, Abbey finally looked down at the gorgeous ring and stared wide-eyed at it for at least a minute

After the excited couple settled down, they enjoyed the rest of their vacation together with nothing but laughter and smiles.


The excitement soon had to come to an end when a few days later Abbey had to fly back home to Denver leaving her future husband behind in Australia. It won’t be for too long, however, Abbey is almost finished with her masters degree, and after a magical wedding back in Michigan, the happy couple will finally be together again in the land down under to start their happy life together. Tom put it best when he said, “We are very much looking forward to the day when we travel together instead of travelling apart to go home.”


The staff at Steffan’s would like to congratulate Tom and Abbey on

their recent engagement and warm wishes for their

future together.