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White Metals

What is the most valuable metal that jewelry is made from?

The most valuable white metal that jewelry is made from is platinum.  It is a very strong metal and is naturally hypo-allergenic. It is naturally white in color and is also one of the heaviest.  A ring that is 90% pure platinum weighs 60% more than a 14 karat ring.  If a jewelry item is marked “platinum”, it has at least 95 % pure.  If an item is marked “850 plat” or “850 Pt” it’s 85% pure and “950” is 95% pure.

Typically platinum is mixed with an iridium alloy.  Jewelry that contains at least 50 % pure platinum with alloys that are in the platinum family is marked with the platinum content followed by the content of the alloy.  Ex. “600 Plat 350 Irid”.

Platinum is produced and mined in 5 Countries with South Africa being the largest producing over 75% of the global supply. Ten tons must be mined in order to produce 1 ounce.  It only takes three tons of gold to produce 1 ounce. This is one contributing factor of why platinum jewelry still costs more even though the price per ounce has been relatively close these past few years.

Platinum can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner or professionally by us.  Platinum will scratch like all metals however due to it’s durability there is very little metal loss when scratched.  The scratches can be removed by a professional jeweler but is not recommended more than once per year.

Next time you visit, ask to hold a gold wedding band and a platinum band to feel the weight difference for yourself!