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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Diamonds Online…EVER!

  Imagine you were given 3 different driver’s licenses with only the basic statistics listed on them and no picture. You are then told you have to choose your future husband/wife based on these stats alone without ever meeting them in person before you choose. Would you be daring enough to do it? Chances are the answer would be no. How about buying a car online? Say you found the car of your dreams for such a great deal and all of the features listed are too good to be true (probably the case) would you call the person immediately and buy it over the phone without ever looking at it or driving it first? Um, yeah that’s a definite no. The same idea applies to buying diamonds online without “meeting” them in person first. A diamond can “look” really good on paper or a computer screen but when you see it in person it could have a number of different flaws that you were not expecting it to have. And these things aren’t cheap, definitely not cheap enough to buy blindly without first seeing and touching it. So next time you think it’s a good idea to go shopping online, keep it to the zombie survival kits or some good old-fashioned books and keep the jewelry purchases at Steffan’s.

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