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Wish Cards

If you are a girl… you should plan on attending our 31st annual Ladies Day which is this Friday November 22nd. This is our biggest and most well attended event because it’s filled with fantastic food, gifts and cupcakes with diamonds in them!  BUT having fun isn’t the real reason why you should attend.  Filling out your wish card is the most important part, and here’s why….

For over 35 years I have been watching men go through the painful process of trying to “guess” what you will like.  Buying jewelry is like a woman trying to navigate an auto parts store.  They are about to lay out their hard earned cash for a product that is typically small, has no functional purpose to make anything “run” and are clueless of your taste.  And it gets even worse when they have to come back to my store to return the jewelry because “she didn’t like it”, “already has one” or never wears “dangles”.  The look on his face is totally forlorn.  And then you know what happens???  They give up!!!  That’s when you start getting bad sweaters and gift cards!

Now here is where the magic of a wish card comes in.  Guy comes in to shop, he knows you LOVE jewelry.  He also knows you have a wish card filled out.  This is going to be a breeze as he glides into our store smiling!!!  He reviews the card with the Steffan’s girl that helped her fill it out and they discuss the details and purpose of the items.  Because there are usually multiple items on each card, the choice is still HIS and SHE is still surprised! And don’t worry, once a wish card is filled out we keep them on file all year long.

The ultimate reason that this makes sense when buying/receiving jewelry is that you can build a collection of beautiful jewelry that will be worn and enjoyed for generations.  Having anything just “sit” in a jewelry box is just a gift gone wrong.

Please help your guy learn to love to shop for the jewelry that you really want.