Diamond Cutting


At Steffans jewelers, we deliver and employ the most professional services in the area. Our in house diamond cutter, Brian McHardy, is a world renowned master diamond cutter and global educator. Brian is well known in the industry for his expertise and craftsmanship and was responsible for helping to create the world’s most perfectly cut diamond for HEARTS ON FIRE, one of the most prestigious diamond brands in the world.

Steffan’s Jewelers and Brian McHardy have teamed up to deliver our customers a one of a kind service. If your diamond is poorly cut, it’s not as brilliant as it could be. If it’s chipped it can continue to get worse. Our diamond cutting service uses the very latest technology that will maximize your diamond’s potential and ensure that it remains the valuable precious gem it was meant to be.

Visit our show room today to find out how our team can increase the value of your diamond.


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