This is a true story. This fracture filled diamond was in our store and the photos you see below have been taken with my iPhone and microscope. A gentleman decided to buy a diamond online instead of at a reputable brick and mortar jewelry store. Not once was he told that this diamond was clarity enhanced in any way. It was never disclosed on any of the webpages he looked at, never talked about during the electronic checkout process and never documented on the “certification” that came with it. What he was told was that it was worth about triple the amount he bought it for. It was brought to us to be reset into a different mounting. As our jeweler was getting ready to work on it she noticed that it looked a little different. She immediately showed it to both of our staff gemologists and we both agreed it was severely fracture filled. Upon calling the customer, we found out that he was never informed about the treatment of his diamond. We also found out it was bought online from overseas. There are several problems with this scenario: 1. he was never informed. 2. the durability of this diamond is now less. 3. It is now a “risk” to do any work to this diamond, even put it in the ultrasonic to clean it. Pictured below is the diamond. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to “read” the pictures but sometimes internal diamond pictures look like x-rays to people who are not trained to read them 

You can see the pink and blue flashes of color throughout the diamond. This is under 10x magnification (not a lot). You can tell there is just something “off” about this diamond.

Circled here is one of the feathers that has been filled. The long tail on the bottom is the laser drill hole used to insert the filling.

This is a closeup of the first photo. You can really see the flashes of pink now. As well as right under the table where it kind of looks like broken glass.

Top arrow: rainbow effect (looks like gas on the pavement) from the glass filling. Middle arrow: Nice example of the pink flash that is not a distinct trait in untreated diamonds. Lower arrow: laser drill hole.