How much do you remember from previous months Gem Talks?


Silver Hoof was a ____________ that had a magical silver hoof that would produce beautiful gemstones when he stomped it.

A. Horse   B. Goat   C. Cow   D. Zebra

Silver Hoof was a magical goat who stomped gemstones out of his hoof. His story was part of a collection that derived from the mines in the Ural Mountains from the 1800’s.


Tiffany & Co. released the poem by an unknown author all about birthstones in what year?

A. 1756    B. 1910    C. 1870    D. 2004

The poem was released in 1870 and really started shedding light on birthstones in the US.


How many gemstones were said to have been in Aaron’s breastplate when he went into battle?

A. 18    B. 6    C. 10    D. 12

Each gemstone represented one of the 12 tribes of Israel.


True or False: Diamonds and graphite are both made up of pure carbon atoms?

The difference between the two elements lies in the formation process. Diamond forms under tremendous heat and pressure.


Where was gold first discovered in the US?

A. North Carolina   B. California   C. Texas   D. Colorado

Gold was happened upon in 1799 in North Carolina. Tourists can visit the original site at the Reed Gold mine in N.C.


True or False: Softer stones like tanzanite, opal and pearl are the best choices to use for wedding rings?

Diamonds are the best stone to use for an engagement ring because they are durable and can take a beating. Softer stones can’t withstand the constant beating that our hands take on a daily basis.